Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Billbrain believes in shared prosperity, environmental sustainability and social well being for all, and as part of our Corporate Social Resposibility (CSR) programme, we have undertaken numerous initiatives as a way of giving back to the community in which we operate, and undertaking sustainability measures that ensure the wellbeing of the environment in which we operate. Below are some of the measures we are undertaking:

i.                    For the last 2 years, we are in partnership with CURAD, a Ugandan-based Agribusiness Incubator to sponsor their Agribusiness Innovations Challenge programme with free Web development and hosting services, and training services to the challenge winners. This is aimed at shading light on the role ICT can play in promoting agricultural value chain productivity as well as its ability to ease flow of information within the agricultural fraternity; all culminating into increased entrepreneurship and business development.

ii.                  In terms of Environmental conservation, we have taken the initiative of greening areas around our office location, on top of ensuring that waste matter generated from and with our office premises is carefully sorted and disposed off through approved municipal channels.

iii.                In terms of social well being; we have partnered with local authorities within the area in which we operate to clean and repair broken trenches so as to ease the flow of water run-off and reduce on water stagnation which would otherwise be breading habitats for mosquitoes.