ICT Consultancy & Research

In today’s global marketplace, ICT is the resource to leverage upon for steady business growth. This is achievable through establishment of a strong online brand, digital marketing, customer relationship management, record keeping, business trend analysis, and forecasting, which in turn informs business decision making, among other functions.

At Billbrain, we give professional ICT consultancy services that enable you find a firm footing for your business in the marketpalce. We offer Business Analysis, Planning, Custom Solution Engineering/Off-the-shelf product identification, implementation/installation, testing, maintenance & Support to ensure that you keep on the business forefront.

Our Consultancy services are offered to wide spectrum of clients, including:

  • -         Government Insitutions
  • -         Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs)
  • -         Education Institutions
  • -         Healthcare Providers
  • -          Oil and Gas Companies
  • -          Banking & Finance
  • -          Media & Broadcasting
  • -          Agriculture
  • -          Leisure & Hospitality

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