Custom Software Solutions

Often times what’s on the shelf isn’t built with your very own specific business needs in mind, that’s why you need a custom-tailored solution, built just for you. Whether you are a start-up or an already established business, we will help you translate your day-to-day business operations into software requirements that will help to automate your business processes, which in turn leads to a reduction in your operational costs, and improvement in information flow and access.

Our Custom Software Solutions range from Education (EduTech), Health (mHealth/HealthTech), Agriculture (AgriTech), Finance (FinTech), Governance (eGovernance), Clean Energy / Environment (GreenTech), Tour and Travel (TravelTech), among others; in form of:

  • -          Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
  • -          Supply Chain Management Systems
  • -          Customer Relationship Management Systems
  • -          Business Intelligence Systems Systems
  • -          Transaction Systems
  • -          Data Management Systems

We fully understand the cycle of development and it’s this critical knowledge of business analysis, requirements gathering, design, prototyping/ implementation, testing, installation and maintenance that will enable us to deliver a solution that works for you.

Our team of well qualified and experienced members also does fully understand that User Interface (UI Design) is key to your experience of system use, and are critical in ensuring that this is taken care of, while also ensuring that the integrity of your privileged information that we come across in the course of development is preserved.

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